Extro balsamic fluid unscented fragrance 100ml *Parfumefri*

Extro balsamic fluid unscented fragrance 100ml *Parfumefri*

145,00 kr
145,00 kr
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Balsamic Fluid Unscented fragrance 100ml – Extrò Cosmesi

Alcohol-free Balsamic Fluid. Thanks to Witch Hazel extract and the oils it contains, Extrò Cosmesi Balsamic Fluid has a decongesting, soothing and refreshing action.
Ideal for use after shaving, the top-quality active ingredients make this balsamic fluid a real panacea for the skin in general.
Extrò Cosmesi Balsamic Fluid is also perfect for use on stressed, damaged or hot skin thanks to its key ingredients:

– Witch Hazel Water
– Aloe Vera Extract
– Chamomile Extract
– Borage extract
– Menthol
– With sun filter

How to use: Apply evenly to the skin and leave on.

Avoid contact with the eyes, do not ingest.

Size 100ml
Made in Italy