Proraso “Toccasana” Barber Sæt

Proraso “Toccasana” Barber Sæt

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200,00 kr
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This ideal case promotion with three products from the Oatmeal and Green Tea line will help to always obtain a close and professional shave that does not generate irritation or cuts.


Powerful hydration.

They help get a great shave.

Products made with green tea and oats.

No parabens, silicones, SLS, mineral oils or artificial colors are used.

Use of natural ingredients.

The Proraso “Toccasana” Shaving Gift Box is a special gift box that will allow the consumer to obtain a professional shave without damaging the skin.

This Proraso case presents products from the Proraso Oats and Green Tea line for sensitive skin.

- Pre-shave cream 100 ml Green Tea and Oats: this cream allows you to obtain a shave without damaging the skin thanks to the fact that it helps to prepare the beard and skin with its soft foam.

- Shaving cream 150 ml tube Green Tea and Oats: especially for those sensitive skins, this cream helps to obtain a smooth glide of the razor so as not to cause damage to the skin.

- After Shave balm 100 ml Green Tea and Oatmeal: this green tea and oatmeal aftershave will create a feeling of calm and immediately treat irritation and cuts.

Presentation: box.

Made in Italy.