RazoRock Silver Satin Hawk V2 - SE Safety Razor

RazoRock Silver Satin Hawk V2 - SE Safety Razor

299,00 kr
299,00 kr
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RazoRock Satin SILVER HAWK safety razor SE

RazoRock with this new razor he wanted to update the existing version. The shaving geometry has NOT changed, so it has the same performance as theHAWK original, have simply been made significant improvements in aesthetics, weight and insertion of the blade.

Specifically, the changes are as follows:

  • The hood has been rounded for a more natural shaving feeling
  • Strengthened the safety bar on the plate with a new three-slot design, this prevents the front edge from being ruined if it is accidentally struck or if the razor falls slightly.
  • The handle has been revisited by adding a movable piece to the bottom that allows you to lengthen or shorten the handle for better handling.

This razor is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and finished in satin silver. Aluminum was chosen for two reasons: lightness (thus reducing the overall weight of the razor), aluminum is much faster and less expensive to process and finish.

For the neophytes of the SE:

If you've never shaved with a razor SE, we urge you to start slowly and not apply excessive pressure with the razor. The blades SE they are thicker, sharper and stiffer than a blade DE and require some shave to learn the best. use the razor for 12-15 shaves in a row before judging if you like shaving IF or not and if you want to start with something basic consider the idea of ​​using FEATHER PRO GUARD.
When mounting the razor, make sure not to apply excessive force as aluminum is softer than steel and can bend and become damaged much more easily. When screwing the handle with a blade inserted, we strongly recommend keeping the head of the razor inside a thick towel in case it slips.


Weight: 36gr

Handle: 90 mm in length and 12 mm in diameter