Rex safety razor Envoy Deluxe Gold

Rex safety razor Envoy Deluxe Gold

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1.860,00 kr
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Rex safety razor Envoy Deluxe Gold

Rex Supply Co. introduces The Envoy, Rex’s latest safety razor.
Elegant and refined, it’s built to last forever.

The Envoy has been developed by shaving enthusiasts to offer a complete and exciting shaving experience.
Whether it’s your first dual-blade safety razor or you’ve been a long-time fan of shaving, the Envoy will always satisfy.

Rex safety razor Envoy Deluxe Gold is Polished and plated in hard acid 24K Gold to allow the gold’s deep yellow color to sparkle and more durable gold finish. 24K Gold is the purest form of Au at 99.9%. Cleaning of the razor would be similar to any gold jewelry; best carried out by a professional or specialized Gold cleaning products.

Perfectly weighted and balanced, it features a Sure Grip handle that makes the shaver easy to hold, even when wet.

The entire safety razor is precision machined and each part is easily removed and cleaned.
The cutting performance of the Envoy can be compared to the level 3 of the Rex Ambassador shaver.

The Envoy dual blade safety razor is 100% Made in USA and designed to last a lifetime. Each one has an individual serial number and production code that adheres to the classic Gillette® product dating system. This product comes with a lifetime warranty and is designed to be fully compatible with the popular Ambassador razor case.

Rex safety razor Envoy Deluxe Gold
Length: 87mm
Weight: 106g
Distance between blades: 0.64mm