TFS "V" Barber Sæbe 150ml

TFS "V" Barber Sæbe 150ml

159,00 kr
159,00 kr
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TFS Shaving Soap "V" P-671 150ml

Artisan shaving soap produced by slowing down the saponification phase by lowering the temperature of the oils and increasing the times of the mixes. By doing so, a more protective soap has been obtained, able to better convey the benefits of the materials it is made of

Among the main ingredients we find:

  • Rosehip oil:
    o musky rose is a vegetable oil obtained by cold pressing the seeds contained in the berries of the plant. It is very famous in natural cosmetics and phytotherapy and has now become one of the main remedies for the care of damaged skin, thanks to its effective regenerating and healing action on skin tissues.


  • Biancofiore castor oil:
    obtained from the cold pressing of the seeds, it is a very dense and filming oil, saponified with Coconut oil refined creates a protective and moisturizing barrier.


  • Calamine:
    it is an active ingredient that has several properties, among which its protective, antiseptic, soothing and anti-itch action on healthy or damaged skin stand out.