The Shave Factory shaving soap Mint 125ml

The Shave Factory shaving soap Mint 125ml

69,00 kr
69,00 kr
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The Shave Factory shaving soap Mint 125ml is the ideal product for lovers of traditional shaving. This high-quality shaving soap is entirely produced in Italy by the renowned brand The Shave Factory.


This shaving soap features a semi-solid paste type that allows for easy application on the face, generating a soft foam, ideal for softening facial hair and facilitating shaving. Its exclusive mint fragrance gives a fresh and intoxicating aroma, perfect for those who want a masculine and distinctive scent.


The coconut oil-based formulation ensures hydrated and protected skin, thanks to its nourishing and soothing properties. Coconut oil helps keep the skin soft and elastic, preventing irritation and redness, for a comfortable and hassle-free shave.


The Shave Factory shaving soap Mint 125ml has been specifically created for use with a shaving brush, the ideal tool for obtaining a rich and full-bodied foam, capable of enveloping the face and making shaving a real pleasure.

How to use:

Take a small amount of soap with a damp brush and lather directly on the face or in a bowl until the desired consistency is achieved.


The practical 125ml size makes this shaving soap ideal for daily use, but also for taking with you on the go. Choose The Shave Factory shaving soap Mint 125ml for a flawless shave and skin that’s always in perfect shape.


Ingredients: Stearic Acid, Aqua (Water), Cocos Nucifera Oil, Potassium Hydroxide, Sodium Hydroxide, Parfum (Fragrance),



Made in Italy